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Traditional bricks and mortar retail is in decline, with stats showing total retail visits falling to less than half of what they were 3 years ago. Consumers are increasingly making purchasing decisions online, and then completing them with a click of their mouse.

Beacons recapture the opportunities created by a real world retail presence, leveraging off the convenience and immediacy of proximity.

Proximity Marketing through the use of Beacons allows you to:-

  • Attract customers.
  • Improve customers’ retail experience with contextual information, relevance with personalization, and improved convenience.
  • Cut through the noise and be heard, directing attention to your business.
  • Guide customers within your store to products you want to sell.
  • Direct them within your store or around your premises.
  • Inform them of your services, products, events, or specials, and maximize your return from their visit.
  • Subtly influence customers with a fresh message, consistently delivered to each and every customer, yet tailored to their experience in your store.
  • Onsell, upsell, and increase your returns from each customer who visits your premises.
  • Gather analytics on customer flows, “hot spots” within your store, understand which displays and products gain the most interest, and improve the effectiveness of your merchandising.
  • Deliver your best performance / pitch every time.

Best of all, proximity marketing will save you time and money in attracting customers and dealing with them more effectively and efficiently, improving their experience in your business, and maximising your return in your investment to get them into your business.

Reasons for using this technology

Why should your business adopt the use of Hip Pocket Beacon technology:-

  • Adoption – In five years, Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons are expected to reach 60million devices. Much of the frenzied activity surrounding Beacons has been in the world of retail, where there’s potential for shops big and small. Major Companies like G.E., Macy’s, McDonalds, Apple and Walgreens in the USA have adopted beacon technology to build their sales and branding. But it’s not just retail – There is far greater use than simply in the field of retail, and you can read about many more applications and uses for Beacon technology by clicking here
  • Location based marketing opportunity– Beacon technology brings huge opportunities to marketers to increase ROI, build customer loyalty and reduce expenses. Since the messaging is locally targeted and contextual, companies can engage in meaningful, highly personalized ways.
  • Easier payment methods for consumer and merchant– Beacon technology allows for a truly contactless mobile payments solution. iBeacons are low-powered and don’t require terminal readers, which means that retailers don’t have to invest in expensive point of purchase equipment. With a single tap on your screen your payment has been processed. No credit cards, no card reader, no swiping. In the not too distant future, Hip Pocket Beacons will be able to integrate with your POS systems, making for more seamless transactions.
  • Work on and off the grid – Beacons don’t need an internet connection– they use Bluetooth. A device with Bluetooth switched on can detect iBeacons in range and pop up a notification or unlock content, even if there is no Internet connection.
  • Get to know your customer and their preferences– Using Beacons, retailers can identify customers, where they are in their store, and deliver personalized targeted communications and content relevant to their demographic profile, transaction history and their location within the store. It is like Google Analytics for your physical workplace.
  • Get to know your business better – Hip Pocket analytics helps you to understand your traffic flows, customer behavior, and interaction with product in different areas of your business, providing you with management information so that you can best manage your business.
  • Accuracy– Since Beacons use proximity technology, it is extremely accurate indoors, especially important when you consider that GPS doesn’t work well indoors. When a device senses an iBeacon in close range via Bluetooth, actions can be immediately taken on the device — without relying on satellite connectivity.
  • Privacy– Because iBeacons are not tracking users everywhere they go, and rather simply logging when they come into range of an iBeacon, users can feel confident that their privacy is preserved and that IT is not tracking them when they leave home, work or school.
  • Affordability– Beacon technology is affordable, accessible, and scalable. It is low cost to implement, and the affordable monthly subscriptions mean your business can easily and quickly update your messages without having to pay external contractors each time. Check out our pricing page for more accurate costings or contact us to find out the optimal number of beacons for your business.
  • Speed – Beacons can be deployed in minutes, and messages changed in seconds, meaning you can be set up with your proximity marketing within a short time, and stay in control, delivering customers your messages in real time.
  • Durability– Beacons use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technology, and have a battery life of up to 3 years.